Director of Research, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar

Aim & Objective of the Conference

Scientists need to identify and develop resilient, diversified, and more productive combinations of crop, livestock, aquatic and agro-forestry systems that will increase productivity and improve the quality of life of the rural poor. To maximize the potential impact of such high-potential interventions, there has to be a mix of innovative thinking, sustained funding as well as strong political will and support. Present conference seeks to bring together the scientists, industrialists and farmers to find out the common working platforms and meet out the challenges of new millennia agriculture.


Food security and sustainable agriculture are the two foremost challenges facing the agricultural community in coming millennia. Addressing these challenges requires a combination of innovative science and integrated approaches. The public private sector initiatives need to promote appropriate market linkages, policies and income-generating activities to checkmate the global challenges of poverty, food insecurity, natural resource degradation and climate change. 'Climate smart' strategies and technologies shall play very important role in coming era. Robotics and mechanization will be game changers.

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