CCS Haryana Agricultural University Celebrates National Mathematics Day-2020
National Seminar on “Mathematical Sciences: Repositories of Logical Thoughts and Analytical Tools” sponsored by DST, Panchkula, Haryana Organized by Department of Mathematics & Statistics, COBS&H, CCS HAU, Hisar


The abstract of paper (limited to 300 Words) should focus on objective of the study, methodology, research findings, significance & scope of the study. The abstracts will be accepted by the recommendation of an expert committee. The interested delegates are requested to submit the soft copy of abstract through website link on or before the scheduled date. The accepted abstracts will be published as the e- proceeding of the seminar.


  1. Text Format : Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Title : Limited to 200 characters in length. Use initial caps in the title; don't use all caps.
  3. Author(s) : Type all authors name with initial caps; Include affiliations for all authors using tags if necessary.
  4. Address : Contact/presenting author's names and e- mail addresses.
  5. Keywords & Phrases : Maximum 5 key words or phrases.
  6. Abstract Body : Limited to 300 Words with font size 12 in Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing.
  7. Mode of Presentation : Online.
  8. Equipment Needs : Availability of audio-visual equipment and internet facility.