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Dr. Leela Wati

Head of the Department
Mailing Address

Microbiology College of Basic Sciences & Humanities CCS Hayana Agricultural University Hisar - 125 004, Haryana (India)

Phone No : 01662-255292

Email Id :micro@hau.ac.in

About the Department

The department of Microbiology was established in 1964 in the erstwhile Punjab Agricultural University under the supervision of Dr. S.R. Vyas as the founder Professor & Head, who laid solid foundation for the subsequent growth and development of the department. With the establishment of CCSHAU in 1970, the department of Microbiology became a part of the College of Basic Sciences & Humanities. Over the years, the department has made significant contribution in research, teaching and extension.  The department developed a solid state fermentation process for the production of citric acid from cane molasses using improved strains of Aspergillus niger.  Technology for the production of wine from locally grown grapes was developed by Professor S.R. Vyas and the technical know-how for the large scale production of wine was later transferred to Panipat Cooperative Distillery, Panipat.  Subsequently, a process for the direct fermentation of sugarcane molasses for alcohol production was also developed.  Yeast strain, HAU-I has been developed for the production of ethanol and is being supplied to various Indian distilleries on demand. Usefulness of organic manures in maintaining soil organic matter status and their role in pollution abatement has been worked out. Technology for enrichment of compost with (i) Azotobacter for increased nitrogen content, (ii) rock phosphate for increased phosphate availability and (iii) urea for increased organic nitrogen content has been developed.  Use of neem cake in controlling nitrification and slow release of nitrogen from nitrogenous fertilizers has been worked out. Since the late sixties, the department has been in the forefront in carrying basic and applied research towards producing efficient rhizobial strains for chickpea, mungbean, urdbean, cowpea, berseem, soybean and other legumes and Azotobacter for non-leguminous crops.  The department was awarded National Productivity Council Award for 1985-86. Biofertilizers of phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) and biocontrol inoculants of Gluconacetobacter are also being produced by the department. Since July 2018, various biofertilizers are being produced through PPP mode with Habitat Genome Primary Producers Company, village Ramayan, Hisar. Microbial parameters for anaerobic digestion of organic wastes for biogas production have been studied and conditions for increasing biogas production in winter through recycling of spent slurry and effective use of brackish water for biogas production have been worked out. Family size Janta biogas plant has been modified for solid state fermentation of cattle dung that has been tested all over India and has been found satisfactory. During last five years on an average eight students were admitted in M.Sc. and in Ph.D. Presently there are 23 M.Sc. students and 38 Ph.D. students on roll. 

There is no UG programme going on in the department, however, department is offering two core UG Courses and one professional course to Undergraduates of College of Agriculture and one UG Course to Undergraduate students of I.C. College of Home Science.

Objectives of the Department

  • To provide quality education to students and develop skilled manpower in the field of Microbiology
  • To develop professionals in Microbiology
  • To conduct research in thrust areas related to Agriculture, Industry , Environment and Molecular Microbiology

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Awards and Recognitions

Dr. I. S. Sheoran was awarded Hari Om Ashram award for team research, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai award and NAAS Fellow : -

Infrastructural Development

  • The department has a Botanical Garden spread over an area of 10.5 acres with rich biodiversity. The department has done pioneering work in conserving the indigenour local species of plant and also introduction of exotic specis (approximately 600) from other places. Various native and exotic trees, shurbs, herbs, climbers, aquatic plants, cacti and succulents have been collected and maintained for imparting knowledge to our students as well as related scientists. Flower shows are organized from time to time.
  • The department has 9 screening houses near the college building.
  • The department has developed 20 salinity micro plots to determine phyto-remediating potential of halophytic flora and 24 lysimeter have been installed in field to determine the transpirational potential of trees having importannce in bio-drainage.
  • Experimental farms spread over 25 acres have been developed to evaluate bio-drainage potential of trees to improve waterlogged soils.

Package and Practices

system having Eucalyptus tereticornis as a strip plantation should be established on the water logged soils. In this model north to south field boundary is converted into 2.6 m wide and 45 cm high raised bund on which two rows of trees can be planted. The intervening space is left for the crops with minimum of shade effect due to the north-south direction of bunds� initiated by Drs. O.P. Toky, Rajiv Angrish and J.C. Kaushik included in the HAU Package of Practices.

Other Activities of the Department

Van Mahotsav was celebrated at CCS HAU premises in Botanical Garden of the Department of Botany & Plant Physiology On 27th July, 2015. The guest of honour in the function was honourable Agriculture Minister Sh. O.P.Dhankar. The Agriculture Minister, Vice -Chancellor (Dr. K.S.Khokhar), Member of Board (Dr. Ramesh Yadav) & Dean PGS (Dr. Rajbala Grewal) planted Tejpata, Putjeeva, Raintree and Chandni trees in Botanical Gardn.

On 20th August, 2015 tree plantation programme was conducted by the Department of Botany & Plant Physiology, College of Basic Sciences & Humanities in the Botanical Garden. The Deputy Director General (Crop Science) Dr. J.S.Sandhu Guest of Honour planted trees, along with dignitaries Vice -Chancellor (Dr.K.S.Khokhar), Registrar (Dr.M.S.Dahiya), Director of Research (Dr.S.S.Siwach), Dean, COA (Dr. R.K.Pannu) & Dean, COBS&H (Dr.R.KJain). The planted trees were Sacred Ashoka, Kachnar, Dalchini, Ashok and Ficus Sp.

Training/Symposium /Conference Organized

Organized 4 day Third Indian Palynological conference on Palynology in Crop Production & Improvement in Sepetember 21-23, 1981.

Organized 3 day Symposium of Plant Physiology (1984) in collaboration with Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi.

The Department organized National Level Training Programme on Biodrainaege: Potential and Practice funded by Ministry of Water Resources G.O.I., from Feb 1st to 6th, 2008. Dr. R. Angrish of this Department was the Course Director, held at DHRM, CCS HAU, Hisar.

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